Friday, December 23, 2022

Fuentes de Onoro with Blucher

 As is obvious from the lack of posts, I have been derelict again this year in maintining this blog.

Now that I have some time off work over the Christmas holidays I will make a few posts mainly showing the few games that we have gotten in over the period since March.

First up is a great game of Blucher that Ralph put on for us at the club in July.  It was the Battle of Fuentes De Onoro.  John and I were the Spanish / British.  A few photos with captions.

British Division advancing to protect the right flank

We're defending the river and advancing to Fuentes

Just in the time as French cavalry appear on my right flank

British Guards are in Fuentes and would be very hard to evict

After many attempts and wasted French brigades they get into part of Fuentes

But not for long - we took it back on the next turn

We had a great day's gaming and as to be expected :) the British / Spanish forces won the day.  The victory came down to the covering action on the right flank and the steadfastness of the British in the town.


  1. Well, it has been a long time, Richard. Good to see you back!

    1. Thanks Jonathan. I won't promise what happens next year.

      But as I retire very shortly perhaps there will be the time and inspiration to revive posting.