Sunday, September 27, 2015

Remodelling the game room

I am making some changes to the games room to fix two issues.  Firstly I do not have enough storage for stuff so need some more cupboards.  Secondly being below the house there is little air movement and so it gets a bit stuffy, so I have spoken to a builder about getting a smallish window at one end above the table.  I am lucky as the room sits about 4 feet below the driveway and so a window would open out onto the driveway and faces east which is where most of the (good) breezes come from (NE or SE).

While I am at it - I decided to widen the table to make it 6 feet wide and add the ability to have an extension of 2 feet which, when added, will make it 10 feet long.

So it has meant taking off the table top and frame, dismantling the terrain storage rack that I built and getting a few new cupboards.

So now need to engage an engineer and someone to amend the drawings so I can submit it to the council to get the window approved.  It is supposed to be easier under the new process - ha ha.