Friday, June 24, 2011

Hamilcar Glider

Got home this evening and a nice big package was waiting for me from Sanger UK - a vacformed Hamilcar glider

It was nicely wrapped in quite a bit of bubblewarp and thankfully Royal Mail / Australia Post had treated it with due care.

Inside was a large vacformed sheet - must be almost 50cm wingspan.

With various metal parts - axle, wheels, tail wheel and skids.  There is also a clear plastic canopy taped under the vacform.

Some decals that look pretty good.

and an instruction sheet

Never made a vacformed kit before - so looking forward to the challenge.  Also think it will take a bit of modelling as various openings for the clear pieces need to be located and cleanly cut.

Will post photos as I build.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Beginnings of my game cave

Finally.  It was spur of the moment thing 8 years ago when we renovated the house to excavate dirt from under two of the rooms and lay a slab.  Since then, one has become a wine cellar. 

In the other I have had a desire to turn it into my own modest space to put a table and store my painted things.  However, this has stayed a storage space - partly because it has a tendency to become an indoor pool when we have heavy sustained rain (once or twice a year).

So today two builders who have been doing some other work for us put in a pit and sump pump in the hope of preventing the water getting in.  All the gurus tell us it should work - but won't know until it pours again.

Anyway, first steps - with lots of work to go.  The room is approx 12 x 12 (feet).  So I am thinking of a 8 * 5 table with a two foot folding extension on it.  Some shelves at the end between the piers to hold buildings and terrain and some shelves covering the storm water pipes to hold painted armies.  Will find some form of cheap carpet to put on the ground so that it is easier on the feet.  Will also need much better lighting.

Ideas / suggestions welcomed.