Sunday, August 4, 2013

Big weekend of activity

This has been the most productive weekend of many, many weekends.

Firstly, I have finally finished the bookcases that have been being built over the past 4 months.  Painting all done and have started sorting the books and putting them onto the shelves.  SWMBO is taking great delight in telling me on the hour every hour that she does not think they will all fit.  We'll see :)  At the moment I am warily checking the walls of the room and the walls / ceilings of the room below given the weight that will be mounting as all the books are loaded.

On the minis front, I have cleaned up, undercoated and sprayed parts of 15 * 20mm resin buildings.  These are a mixture of Hovels and Shell Hole Scenics and are all town buildings for making cities.

Work has also been progressing on a new Waco glider that will have the nose open and a jeep on its way out.  Interior being finished tonight and will then be put together so I can undercoat and spray olive drab next weekend.  Markings to then follow.

Finally, 30-odd discarded parachutes have been base coated and are waiting for their highlight colours. 

Right, back to work - more books to arrange and load so I can get to the Waco and chutes tonight.

Photos of each and all over the next days / week.