Sunday, September 23, 2012

Room's first outing

First game in the new room this morning.  My son wanted to play a game of Rapid Fire so we got a few units out and had a Commando attacking a village held by two companies from 21 Panzer with support.

He was most interested in getting the buildings on the table.  It made it very obvious how much more terrain we need (maybe not buildings - although there are a few boxes left of unpainted resin ones).  Need lots of trees, hedgerows, roads etc.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Earl of Essex's Regiment

Mainly Renegade minis with a few from Bicorne added for variety - the casualties, kneeling firing and loading with the muskets resting on the ground.  All great figures to paint although there is sometimes (3 of this unit) disfiguring flash on the Renegade faces.

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Another TBM 20mm building

Really like these buildings.  

Would like to get some leaf litter to put into the edges of that carriageway as if they have been blown there.

British Transport

Had a few of these nice Brittania Bedford QLT's hanging around.

I have a plan to do another brigade of British Infantry so these can be the RASC company for them.  Did the 15th (Scottish) Infantry Division as a bit of a nod to that quarter of my heritage.

6mm French bits

Two regiments of dismounted dragoons - not sure where I will use them but Adler did them so wanted to have them for something different.

And then two French Batteries.