Saturday, April 30, 2011

First ECW 28mm finished

So I have finished them today - pretty happy for a first go at 28mm and also ECW. 

Although there are som many good examples of painted stuff on the various blogs it is not hard to find good looking colour schemes.

And here they are after the army painter and before any highlighting

And they will need this or they would look pretty silly on the base.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ECW temptation

I know I said that next up would be 6mm Napoleonics or ACW.  Well that's what I intended - but .....  I was tempted by these three that have been sitting undercoated looking at me for 3 months. 

They are the first ECW that I have painted - indeed the first 28mm that I have painted.  I got them out of the basement a while ago so that I could experiment.  After undercoating they sat there.

So basecoats have been blocked in and now drying and will give some of the dreaded army painter this evening.  Want to try this because while I had plans to do a three colour method - the sheer size of the project scares me - so I will do some with the army painter and I will try some in three colour and see what looks nicer against the time taken.

Basecoated Bicorne ECW

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Scammells and 7.2" Howitzers

More off the table over this long weekend.  This time up it is heavy British artillery. 

The Scammells are from the Airfix Tank Transporter kit with the S&S bodies added.  Unfortunately I understand that these are no longer available - but SHQ are supposed to have just released some models of the whole thhing.  The guns are Skytrex and look OK.

Hopefully next up will be some 6mm Napoleonics or 15mm ACW.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Plain old AVRE

The most boring of the bunch - but I still like it.

AVRE with Carpet

A Milicast AVRE with carpet for the beach.  The exhaust pipes at the back are a constant problem with breaking - still a very nice kit.

Another AVRE with SBG

This time it is with a bridge made from the Matador Models kit pieces to make it into a folding SBG.

Revel Churchill AVRE with folding SBG


This has been sitting completed except for stringing it together for a few months.  With luck (and finding a few diagrams showing the rigging) there are a few different Churchill funnies still to come.

Revell Churchill AVRE with SBG
The rope at the back looks too clean - so will need some staining later.