Tuesday, February 7, 2023

A few games of 30 Years War using Baroque

We have played two Thirty Years War games over the past two weeks.  Firstly it was a general bash with reasonably evenly matched forces with the Swedes up against the Catholics.  It was mainly a way of getting a group of us together to play the rules (re-aquaint ourselves).  It was a good game even if it came to a quick conclusion for one Swedish flank when they broke after losing heavily in their first contacts of the game.  We note now that we did not follow the rules correctly in determining when a 'wing' of an army breaks.  

And the remiander of the photos are a few close up of various units on the field

Catholic dragoons

Swedish P&M unit

Swedish P&M unit

Swedish P&M unit

The second game was on Friday evening with a smaller group.  Again Ralph brought his 15mm TYW troops - this time foir a historic refight between the Poles and the Swedes.  Just a few photos.



Wednesday, January 4, 2023

A few quick Panzer IVs

I have a game on Thursday evening of RapidFire with a few of the guys.  Pulled out a good scenario and realised I was short three Panzer IVs.  So down into the basement to search in the stash and voila - 2 days later I have the required three.  

They need a little pigment or dust paint on them I think.

Been quite a while since I painted any 20mm WW2.  I was intending to continue my focus on the 1813 project with the Adler Napoleonics (more of that later) - but doing these has created an itch.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

AWI at John's

John pulled out one of his large collections and put on an AWI game for 6 of us a few weeks ago in the garage.  The Colonials won at the end of the day - but not before I learnt the difficulty of attacking (attempting to!!) a redoubt that was held by Hessians.

"The Redoubt"

Just up there boys

The 4 marker signifies casualties from defensive fire on the way in - we didn't stay for long

Revenge was had a few turns later when my other regiment attacked the rear of the redoubt.

And finally a shot of an excellent cornfield that had been put together by Phil who unfortunately could not join us for the day.


Monday, December 26, 2022

Christmas big bash at Cumberland

The annual Christmas Napoleonic Big Bash at the Cumberland club took place in mid December.  It is basically an excuse to get as much lead on the table as possible and advance.   I had a Corp of Bavarians and faced off against John with his Russian Corp and a s***load of Russian guns.  The Age of Eagles rules were used

The other tradition is a wonderful lunch put on by Joey - I thought I had photos but alas they do not appear to have been on the phone.  

But to summarise as glazed ham, roast lamb, chicken, mango salsa for the ham and baked veggies washed down with a Crown Lager or two.  Excellent.

The table from the French and Allied right flank

Our left flank with the Bavarians in the middle to the right of the fields

Bavarian gun line

Inspired by the Russians

Bavarians advancing to hold the village

Considering whether we want to advance on those Russians brigades

A Russian Brigade snuck through up the side of the village

But was quickly seen off 

The end for the Russians with the Bavarians in the clear

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Dogger Bank

Another game put on by Ralph at the club.  This time with his collection of Navwar WWI 1/3000 ships.  

We played Dogger Bank and a great day was had by all.  

A sign of the times ;) 

Ralph hard at work studying the rules


Friday, December 23, 2022

Quick photo of the ongoing 6mm Napoleonics for 1813

Work continued through the year on my 6mm Napoleonic project for 1813.   The last post I put up was Saxons for 1813

Two simple shots taken before basing material has been applied - Guard Chasseurs - Old and Young Squadrons

And the rest of their cousins

Over the course of the year I have done approximately 200 French and Allied battalions of infantry and 20 cavalry regiments.  Work started on the Prussians about a month ago.  

But .... I still haven't decided on the basing material I will use so all are simply on painted Litko plywood.