Sunday, February 28, 2021

3d Printing

I have wanted to get a grand building that I could use in the context of the Italian Wars collection.  I have the wonderful Mirliton sets which I'll post photos of below and wanted to be able to have a place to put a scriptorium in or at different times a grand manor kitchen service a Duke's feast.

I got a 3d printer late last year and have been mainly printing 1/300 stuff for WWII but stumbled upon the Infinite Dimensions site who had a Sciptorium model.  So I paid my money for the files and have been printing it on and off over the past month.

All of the structure is finished - just need to print the doors.  I am very happy with what I have got and think I will be even happier once painted.  I plan on joining the pieces of each floor together so they lift on and off in one piece.

It is very large so don't see it making an appearance often and only then as a centre piece in a town and on the biggest tables.


And these are from Mirliton to go with it.  I realise they are slightly out of period - but I am happy with that.

And from Eureka their orchestra to stand on the balcony and entertain.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Zama in Mittagong

After we fought out the Renaissance game (on my prior post) on the Saturday a wonderfiul dinner was had in nearby Bowral, proceeded by a few beers and followed by some homemade Limoncello at one of the local lads houses.

We then awoke bright eyed for Sunday and a grand refight of Zama.  The Romans were John's and most of the Carthaginians were mine with a group of light foot Allies from Rex.  I do not remember the order of events and so can't put too much story into the photos.  It was however a great game - took most of  the day - and ended with mutual destruction.

The game was again played with Impetus 2.

The armies arrayed

The Numidians fought well among themselves 

A steady Carthgo line about to smashed by the Romans

The elephants beginning their middle run

Pushing on

Not many Romans in site on the left wing

But a picture doesn't always tell the full story.  While there were almost no Roman foot left on the left wing, just out of shot at the left were a few remianing Numidians (on the Roman side) who had outnumbered the Carthaginian Numidians 2 to 1 and eventually won the tussle and were free to roam and shoot javelins at what Carthaginina foot I had left.  You can however see the victorious elephants returning from their carnage through the Roman middle.  But on the right flank it was another story with the Romans well in the ascendency.

A great day and weekend's gaming.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Mittagong Weekend - Renaissance

We are lucky enough to to be able to make a long awaited return to the club in Mittagong over the last weekend in January.

On the Saturday, John and I played a 500 point Impetus battle with my Papal (loosely flagged) army against an army of Maxmillian Imperials that belong to Ralph.

We were playing Impetus 2 which were a very welcome change from all the ‘comp’ games of Basic Impetus that we have played on the last few years leading up to early 2020.

The 'pushing power' of the Papal army

The 'baddies' - they had an awful lot of heavy cavalry

But I had guns and they like deep big targets

Getting a sweat up with the pretty boys waiting for their turn

While the Generals drank

Here come those heavies

My brave shot were lucky and caused quite a bit of damage

But thsi is what we came for

The moment of glorious victory - the Pope gets to live on.

I have a bunch of photos from Sunday's big refight of Zama between the Roman hordes and the brave Carthaginians.  I'll upload those in the next day or two.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

First buildings for Kleinstadt

The first four buildings for Kleinstadt are finished.  All are N scale railway buildings that I have painted (with the excpetion of that wonderful frescoes and the patterned tiled roof on the tower).  I have also weathered t hem using a combination of techniques.  I've learnt a lot and really enjoyed doing these.

No basing yet as this will be done once all buildings are done for the town and I can work out what bases are needed where.


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Preparing for Christmas

Don't worry, this is not going to be the first sign that Christmas is coming in the shops (if you can even get to the shops at the moment).

No - I have decided to spend the next three months in the lead up to Christmas finishing off the various painting tasks that I have started and not completed over the past few years.

They sit on trays and shelves around my desk - cluttering up, occasionally falling and breaking something and generally staring at me and causing great anxiety :)

I spent last night moving various 'unstarted' ideas back down into the basement and cleaning up the desk.  Then I went around the room and made a list of all of the groups of things that I have started but not completed.  The list is comprised of 48 mini projects - ranging from two 10mm buildings through to 36 Italian Wars pikemen.  A few more ideas on the variety:

  • scales / sizes - 6mm, 10mm, 20mm and 28mm
  • terrain, vehicles, aircraft and figures
  • Napoleonics, Italian Wars, WW2, Ancients, WSS
First up will be making the last touches on the first four buildings of Kleinstadt. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

A bit of spraying for Kleinstadt

Nothing too exciting but I am trying to get back into the habit of posting more regularly.  

It was a beautiful day - if a little cold once the sun went behind the trees, so I took the oportunity to locate outside and use the bigger compressor and Iwata spray gun.  I was also using Tamiya colours with the lacquer thinner so it is much better to do it outside with a lot of air movement.

I basecoated in a dark brown to give some shadows, then put a first coat on the roof, a dark red base to the hald timbering and a mustard to the plasterwork.


I am basing this building on this and plan to have it just inside the gates on my town.

Also put first coat on the stucco part of the tower and the small church.

And a few pieces for another two models that I have started before I finished the ones already started .... and I wonder why i get very little finished.