Saturday, March 9, 2013

Construction of a heavier type

Sorry for the tardy posting, there will be a miniatures related post along in the next few days.
Having been pretty happy with how the games room turned out, I have started the next phase of the remodelling of our house to accomodate this crazy hobby.
Our whole family loves books, and we are lucky enough to have a library installed in a spare bedroom.  Unfortunately, the lure of Amazon and AbeBooks (and others) is too strong and we long ago outgrew the library.  So something needed to be done.
So last weekend I started my project to build the Military History Library Annexe.
The room I use for painting and where the computer etc is located had a very questionable built in wardrobe installed when we moved in.  The wardrobe has worked well as a place to store (hide) many of my painted and unpainted stuff over the past 10 years. 

First few hours work was removing the wardrobe and all of its paraphenalia. 

But it is never as easy as you think when doing DIY.  Turns out that the wardrobe was installed before the room was covered in plasterboard and carpet - hence the bloody thing is built like a brick sh**house and constructed into the frame of the room.  This also means that the plasterboard and carpet have a gap in them where the frame attached to the walls, floor and ceiling.

So this morning a trip to the hardware store was in order to get a crowbar and the fun started.  Two hours (and a very sore back) later all is removed and I am ready to get new plasterboard to fill the gaps.