Sunday, August 14, 2016

New Carthaginian army gets out

These guys were painted over June and July and made their debut at the Impetus Wintercon outing. They did pretty well. 

They are mostly Crusader figures with the Veterans being  from Aventine and the elephant from A&A miniatures.


Monday, May 2, 2016

Stalingrad in 15mm - FOW

A bunch of us met at Ralph's house for a great game set in Stalingrad.  This was using his very nice (and extensive) collection of 15mm WWII minis.  Also, it was the first time I had played Flames Of War.  Now, I have had a 'view' of FOW for many years that has been fostered by seeing the walls of tanks and uber [unrealistic] competition games of FOW.  But this game absolutely changed my mind.  I really liked the way the battles for the buildings was a see-sawign struggle.
Anyway, a few photos along the way.

The table from the Russians end

Brave sewer rats just before descending

One of the two Rifle coys

An SMG coy lying in wait to support the successful Rifle coy

Other Rifle coy and support at the start line

A fierce struggle as the German tunnel rats popped up behind us

Was enough to turn my tanks around to support an attempt to retake it

Right hand Rifle coy advancing 

It took a lot of punishment

SMG coy advances in support

German armour advancing

Friday, March 25, 2016

Saxon SYW - IR6 Prince Maxmillian

These have been done for a while but only had photos taken on the painting table. So here they are on the field so to speak.  Again they are Eureka figures and they were beautifully cast with little to no flash.


This was my first unit painted and when I saw them in line like that I realised it needed to have an odd number of bases so the command base would sit in the middle.  So I have gone back and acquired the extra figures to give me 5 bases of 6 for the infantry regiments.  I am tossing up whether they should be 2 figure wide and three deep.  This would give me greater space on the table top to deploy them.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saxon SYW - Price Karl Chevaulegers

Finished my first Saxon cavalry unit - the Prince Karl Chevaulegers.  These are Eureka figures with home printed standards.  I have bought some more to do a third squadron.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Some Italian Wars Cavalry

A few more new units to add to the collection.

Firstly another generic unit of mounted arquebusiers.  You can't have too many of these - they are wonderful at putting the wind up your oponents :)

Then the first of the TAG Spanish knights - not too sure about the painting of the tunics on these - they look a bit plain to me.


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Landschnects marching

A newly painted base of Landschnects marching rather casually to the battle.  These are Foundry figures and are the first of four bases that I have to paint of them.