Saturday, June 30, 2012

ECW Judgement

Just painted up Redoubt's Gibbet set.  Used a picture from the the Alternative Battle of Worcester as inspiration (as shown in the WI Great Wargames Special).

Fevered activity at the paint desk

After spending most of the past 2 months getting the games room done, the deadline for the 30 June phase of the year long Guild build loomed up very quickly.

So it has been a frenzied week of painting something up for each of the five tasks I am doing.  At 8.30am this morning, the table looked like this.

On the table is:
  • A bit of captured french now german armour to add to 2 M36s already done for the 20mm NWE- they just need varnishing and thankfully it is a nice sunny (if cool) day
  • A unit of 15mm ACW Zouves with the glue drying attaching them to the bases
  • 28mm ECW vignette
  • 2 20mm buildings with drybrush coats drying awaiting some pastels
  • A brigades worth of Adler Polish Napoleonics - there's no way the brigade will get done as planned - hoping to get a battalion done.
Breakfast now and then call in a few favours to avoid household tasks to get it done by end of the day.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Terrain racks finished

Lots of woodworking and most of the joints fit and match up - so not bad.

This is a terrain rack that will allow us to store the TSS tiles we have when others are being used on the table top.

All in place waiting for the frame and table top to be placed - needed to stop as it was very dark and raining outside - not good for the power saw!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Progress continues on the room

Busy weekend so far - cupboards all finished and lights installed.  Very happy with the Ikea cupboards that were on special.  Especially when I had originally planned to make them myself.

Need a trip to the hardware store to get the timber to make the terrain racks and the table top.  BUT, it is pouring rain and I need to do the work with tools like a router etc in the yard - so brakes are on at the moment.

Notice the 'test' unit in the cupboard.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Room - paint, carpet and lights

The title probably says it all.

Painting is finished and the electricians have returned to install ceiling lights.  My son and I have just finished laying the carpet tiles I picked up at a bargain basement price.

Have spent the remainder of today building cabinets.  Another update soon.