Sunday, November 8, 2015

State of the painting desk

Nothing finished to show - but the fact that I have been able to take a photo of painting underway is a significant breakthrough for me and a reason to post.
I think I have picked up a paintbrush on only 3 or 4 occasions since early July - each time lasting less than 30 minutes.  I've really struggled with motivation to paint anything.  Part of the issue has been a struggle to decide what I wanted to focus on among the many projects that I've got on the go.
So a few days ago I just decided to paint whatever was buried somewhere on the desk or in started piles around the room. 
Over the weekend I have finished two battalions of Prussian LW in 6mm (not based yet and not on the desk as they are now done). 
I'm also half way through a 6mm LW cavalry regiment with two more prepared and horses painted.  Also two battalions of 6mm Prussian Musketeers are prepared and undercoated.  
In the back right is the finishing touches to a unit of CP Spanish Cavalry for my Renaissance Spanish.  Horses were finished and based in July and the cavalry have hung around since them. 
Finally on the left is a unit of Cheveauxleger for the SYW Saxons.
So a pretty good weekend and hopefully start of a productive period (around family, friends and work commitments over the next 2 months).