Sunday, May 29, 2011

3rd Marulan Car Boot Sale

Had a great day out in Marulan todays at the the 3rd car boot sale.  Not quite up to a Partizan that I know the UK has on today - but a definite step up on any bring and buy I have seen - people are friendly and take the time to talk to each other, joke and haggle.

Pretty good haul for me.  I picked up:
  • a bunch of modern GHQ russians, french and british and terrain
  • some 15mm Prussian AB Napoleonics (don't know why I did that given that I have 6mm and 28mm)
  • two 1/72nd scale German bunkers from Leva
  • a whole lot of Langton Rennaisance ships and rule set
  • 7 Military Modelling that I did not have (@ 20c a piece)
  • 4 great books (ECW and ACW)
  • last but certainly not least - a Britania 20mm German armed trawler
Also managed to sell a few books and 7 plastic 1/72nd kits.

Here is a link to some photos for those interested

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Russian Napoleonics finally

Finally I have managed to get some of the Russian Napoleonics finished and up.  These guys were sitting in one of the bags in the photo that started this blog.

Painting took a long elapsed time because of other distractions - but only 3-4 hours in total.  I also needed to wait until I got a shipment of bases from Litko,  Their custom sized bases are great and I will never need to mark and cut plastic card to base these guys on again.

I will get some of the French that painted years ago out for a photo soon.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fewer Union Regiments than I intended

Here a few Union regiments just completed.  I have the troops for another 4 regiments sitting here staring at me - but no more flag bearers.  I discovered after starting painting that each regiment had 2 flags and hence I need twice the number painted.  So need to find some one to supply loose bearers that fit with Battlehonours.

That close I can see all the bits I was lazy with and didn'tr paint - or missed.  Damn.