Monday, December 26, 2022

Christmas big bash at Cumberland

The annual Christmas Napoleonic Big Bash at the Cumberland club took place in mid December.  It is basically an excuse to get as much lead on the table as possible and advance.   I had a Corp of Bavarians and faced off against John with his Russian Corp and a s***load of Russian guns.  The Age of Eagles rules were used

The other tradition is a wonderful lunch put on by Joey - I thought I had photos but alas they do not appear to have been on the phone.  

But to summarise as glazed ham, roast lamb, chicken, mango salsa for the ham and baked veggies washed down with a Crown Lager or two.  Excellent.

The table from the French and Allied right flank

Our left flank with the Bavarians in the middle to the right of the fields

Bavarian gun line

Inspired by the Russians

Bavarians advancing to hold the village

Considering whether we want to advance on those Russians brigades

A Russian Brigade snuck through up the side of the village

But was quickly seen off 

The end for the Russians with the Bavarians in the clear


  1. Great to see you getting in a big, holiday Napoleonic game. Lunch sounds delicious.

    1. Jonathan the Napoleonic game has become a tradition for Christmas - as has the wonderful fare :)

  2. A great looking game! Can't beat Napoleonics for spectacle...

    All the best of the Season,


    1. Thanks David. I certainly agree with your comments on the spectacle. That is one of the big drawcards to me. Best wishes for teh New Year.