Sunday, March 27, 2022

Rapid Fire at the Club

First game of RapidFire we have had at the club for a number of years. Chris and I decided to get the forces out for a scenario from the Normandy Battlegames book with the 6th Airborne Division against elements of 21 Panzer Division.

We used the RapidFire Reloaded rules and were both very new to them. The Germans got hammered by all of the indirect fire and didn’t really threaten the British

Heavy metal (at least for 6th Airborne)

The forces of evil.  The gun didn’t last long.

Table from the German end as we were setting up

Pretty good turnout and a wide variety of games


  1. What? Richard, you are still alive! Fine looking game.

    1. Indeed I am Jonathan. A combination of many things has led to an absence of posts. No promises but now I have worked out to how to post fropm the ipad there may be more.