Sunday, April 24, 2011

Scammells and 7.2" Howitzers

More off the table over this long weekend.  This time up it is heavy British artillery. 

The Scammells are from the Airfix Tank Transporter kit with the S&S bodies added.  Unfortunately I understand that these are no longer available - but SHQ are supposed to have just released some models of the whole thhing.  The guns are Skytrex and look OK.

Hopefully next up will be some 6mm Napoleonics or 15mm ACW.


  1. Excellent. I have really been enjoying your WW2 British. Do any of these models get used in your wargaming or are some of them a bit fragile for frequent handling?

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. jacksarge

    all my models are bilt for wargaming - they get out 2/3 times per year. Yep some are a little fragile - but i like the detail and i always have superglue with me

    thanks for the nice comments guys

  3. rct- is all your WW2 stuff 1/76- 20mm or do you mix in any 1/72 scale vehicles and figures?

  4. nearly all "sold as" 1/76 - did buy a load of plastic 1/72 kits and am trying to sell the majority - because the difference was noticeable to me. only time i stick with 1/72 is if there is no choice.