Saturday, April 30, 2011

First ECW 28mm finished

So I have finished them today - pretty happy for a first go at 28mm and also ECW. 

Although there are som many good examples of painted stuff on the various blogs it is not hard to find good looking colour schemes.

And here they are after the army painter and before any highlighting

And they will need this or they would look pretty silly on the base.


  1. look forward to the highlight phase..that is the bit that sets the dipped joe apart from the merely dipped

  2. i've done it - i was trying to avoid a sharp contrast - looks like i may have avoided it all together then?

  3. always the problem with doesn't often do what you think it will might just have to do a bit of lighter on darler in the old fashioned way.. I use wash all the time I think you have to aim at a sharp contrast to get a good dynamic feel ..thats what I think..

  4. I found the army painter too dark so switched to GWsdevlan mud, much more subtle.

    Good luck with the project mate.