Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ECW temptation

I know I said that next up would be 6mm Napoleonics or ACW.  Well that's what I intended - but .....  I was tempted by these three that have been sitting undercoated looking at me for 3 months. 

They are the first ECW that I have painted - indeed the first 28mm that I have painted.  I got them out of the basement a while ago so that I could experiment.  After undercoating they sat there.

So basecoats have been blocked in and now drying and will give some of the dreaded army painter this evening.  Want to try this because while I had plans to do a three colour method - the sheer size of the project scares me - so I will do some with the army painter and I will try some in three colour and see what looks nicer against the time taken.

Basecoated Bicorne ECW


  1. you can still do a sort of 3 colour method with wash.. just go back and highlight the colours, will make a huge , huge difference in the finished product,,If I can suggest do the flesh "Dark flesh" wash it and then "reset" with dwarf flesh works best of any combo I have tried in the fast painting methods

  2. thanks chris - i was planning on highlighting those colours that I thought needed it once i dipped. will give the flesh one a go.

  3. Rich
    Try also GW devlan mud then go back over the men and highlight everything.... thats all I do!


  4. First 28mm´s. Not bad. A lot different from painting 20mm eh? :-D