Friday, May 15, 2020

ACE’d it

I have continued on a building spree - a great way of relaxing with work so busy.

First up is the completed ACE RSO ambulance.  I have left it in pieces until undercoated.

I have also done an IBG Mack truck for my US forces.

I’ve also pulled another ACE kit out and managed to get it done.  It’s a French truck commandeered as a German ambulance.

And lastly for the moment is a beast of an anti-tank gun.  Again an ACE kit.   I had been warned the guns are particularly hard work and that was pretty true.  Will look great with some paint and based.

There a few other pretty special things close to finished. Perhaps in the next day or two and then I’ll paint them.


  1. Three new builds! THat is excellent progress. Looking forward to seeing them all with a coat of paint.

    1. Thanks Jonathan and there are more to come.

      At the moment I am enjoying building and reducing the pile of cardboard model boxes in the basement that I am finding it difficult to stop and start painting.