Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Landschnect pike and commands

These are fruits of my labour over the past three weeks as I added to the existing Italian troop types so I could field a Papal army in the Impetus system.

So first up are the kings of the field in those days - two pike of Landschnecht pikes.  The figures are Foundry and the pikes are - well sharp.  I have the painting list sitting beside me (on the back of the army list as it was handy at the time)- it shows a combination of 16 colours in deep, mid and highlight for their fabric alone - plus all the rest.

Next up is a unit of Italan infantry - these ones are Old Glory figures and look suitably determined.

Finally a few shots of the two units of command.  The guy with the big round red headress is Perry and the other three from the Perry Knights range.

Finally flags on all of these are from Pete's Flags who you can find on the ...bay.


  1. Pike block is fantastic! Love the colors and the Impetvs basing quite handsome.

    I am beginning my own, fledgling Italian Wars project too. Do you have recommendations for reading materials to bring me up to speed on this period?

    1. Jonathan, I can do no better than point you to where I started - which was at the Olincanalad blog. It is simply amazing if you have not seen it before. Thins link is to the book list - but he has many many pages of amazing inspiration on the blog.


      Personally, I love Oman for the read - but others have said I need to be a bit cautious of his recall of the facts.

  2. Great looking Pikemen, et al.
    Wow, that's a lot of painting in a short time, especially with the intricate Landsknecht patterns!