Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Landschnechts done

My work on the fledgling armies for the Italian Wars of the very early 16th Century continues. 

Given it was the holiday period and I thought I had the luxury of time and quiet, I decided that I would use the time to try out my patience on a first unit of Landschnechts. 

They are Foundry figures and again are based for Impetus.  These will be Skirmish shot and can be quite nasty in early parts of a battle - although they will break quickly if not handled well.


Seeing the pictures close up I can see a lot to improve on the painting style - I need more definition in some of the slashing as an example.  In relation to colours I think I have used too much yellow.  Next time I will also want to introduce some stripes on the slashed arms.


  1. The Foundry figures are nice, are they not? A period that tempts me too. Impetus would be my choice as well. Painting looks great to me.

    Look forward to more!

    1. Thanks Jonathan. The Foundry figures are very nice - but I am really taken with the TAG ones - but no Landschnechts.

      There will be more of these - but not yet - I'm not mad enough yet.

  2. Great job, colorful and beautiful!

  3. Thanks Phil - that colour atracted me to the eriod in the beginning.