Saturday, June 16, 2012

Terrain racks finished

Lots of woodworking and most of the joints fit and match up - so not bad.

This is a terrain rack that will allow us to store the TSS tiles we have when others are being used on the table top.

All in place waiting for the frame and table top to be placed - needed to stop as it was very dark and raining outside - not good for the power saw!


  1. Dang !!! ........ looking good Rich. When's the opening ? cabinets are great.

  2. Rich the table is now groaning under the weight of all the lead that has been stored in cupboards around the house as i sort it out properly. Maybe teh first time I have ever seen it all together and been able to work out what I do have. Everythign on the table at the moment is unpainted and it slightly concerning. A true lead mountain ... tossing up whether to take a photo.

  3. They are great cabinets Tarty and sadly not available in Qland, hah just owned up to my pile of shame on a new forum and admitted it has prolly grown at a rate of 1.7 over the last 12 months, for every 10 I paint 17 replace 'em :-7

    What better measure of a mans worth LOL

    The rack system has come together nicely, are the doored carcasses from IKEA as well Richard, they look pretty handy.