Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fevered activity at the paint desk

After spending most of the past 2 months getting the games room done, the deadline for the 30 June phase of the year long Guild build loomed up very quickly.

So it has been a frenzied week of painting something up for each of the five tasks I am doing.  At 8.30am this morning, the table looked like this.

On the table is:
  • A bit of captured french now german armour to add to 2 M36s already done for the 20mm NWE- they just need varnishing and thankfully it is a nice sunny (if cool) day
  • A unit of 15mm ACW Zouves with the glue drying attaching them to the bases
  • 28mm ECW vignette
  • 2 20mm buildings with drybrush coats drying awaiting some pastels
  • A brigades worth of Adler Polish Napoleonics - there's no way the brigade will get done as planned - hoping to get a battalion done.
Breakfast now and then call in a few favours to avoid household tasks to get it done by end of the day.

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