Monday, May 13, 2024

Sassanid King's Elephant from Aventine

This is the wonderfully sculpted King's Elephant from Aventine to add to my slowly growing Sassanid Army.  I have added a couple of Late Romans to the base to give it some context and to fill in space.  One is definitely Footsore and I think the other was Gripping Beast.  

The elephant is metal and I bought it some time ago.  I have recently acquired some others from Aventine and they are in resin so perhaps this has been redone in resin?   Being metal it is very heavy so there is pinning going on for the back two legs and I discovered a small stump of a bush in the pack that seemed to fit under the front left leg so I added that for additional support.

The blanket, shield design and the banner are all LBMS transfers. The patterns on the coats for the King and banner bearer are my work.

I took some inspiration from Phil Hendry's wonderfully painted Sassanid's in doing this. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks - I really enjoyed painting it Jonathan.
      These Sassanids have been a long desired project. I am doing them mainly as a way to add some variety among the thousands of 6mm Napoleonics

  2. Fabulous figure. Dynamic sculpt and beautifully painted and set up.

    1. Thanks a lot. Great figures make painting easier.