Monday, February 27, 2023

Practice game of Trebbia - Impetus

We are putting on a demo game at an open day that a club to the north of Sydney are hosting in a few weeks.  So yesterday we decided to get what we had out on the table to have a practice game.  It was useful as a way of reviewing what we were missing / needed to paint and trying out the playabilty in the time available.  Consequently there are a few stand-in units on the table.  

The game was a closely run thing.  I had the left Carthaginian wing - Mago's ambush was devestating and combined with the power of my medium Cartho / Spanish cavalry we routed the Romans / Italian Allies opposite.  Initially the Cartho centre (mainly Gauls and Spaniards) did better then expected - however as the game played on the Romans came out on top with the Cartahginian centre folding.  On the right flank there was a closely faught battle that was fairly even.  In the end the Romans broke as an army while the Cartahginians were only one more unit from going the same way!  


The table prior to kickoff

Half of my medium cavalry

The other half

The elephants waiting patiently!

The cavalry advance to face Roman cavalry and Gaul warbands

Elephants follow supported by Carthaginian infantry

Beginiing of the end for the Romans 

Battle developing in the centre and right wing
Not too many smiles on the faces of the Roman commanders!!

Mago's ambush is sprung at the back left

Seen from behind the ambush -
those Roman cavalry didn't last long

Where did theygo .....
that was the end of the Roman right flank


  1. Game looks great, Richard. What is the length of the table? Sure looks like many linear feet of troops. How did you like Impetvs?

    1. Jonathan, the table was 12 by approx 5 feet.

      We have been playing Impetus since it was first released and do so often - we love it.
      We are primarily playing Impetus 2 after being involved in the playtesting back in 2018 / 2019 from memory.

    2. Thanks! I thought it might be a 12 foot table.

  2. Beautiful looking game and great to see Impetus on the table.


    1. Thanks a lot for the comment Christopher. We really enjoy Impetus. I'm especially looking forward to teh next Warbook with the Italian Wars lists in it.