Wednesday, January 4, 2023

A few quick Panzer IVs

I have a game on Thursday evening of RapidFire with a few of the guys.  Pulled out a good scenario and realised I was short three Panzer IVs.  So down into the basement to search in the stash and voila - 2 days later I have the required three.  

They need a little pigment or dust paint on them I think.

Been quite a while since I painted any 20mm WW2.  I was intending to continue my focus on the 1813 project with the Adler Napoleonics (more of that later) - but doing these has created an itch.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jonathan. Enjoyed doing them - even if a bit rusty. We had a good game with them last night so it may lead to me doing some more I think.

  2. Great looking pzkfw IVs, you're 6mm Napoleonics look great, I've started reading around the 1813 campaign but I shall just press gang my inappropriately attired 1809 Austrians and French!
    Best Iain

    1. Iain, firstly my apologies that it has taken a week to publish your comment.

      I recognise your comment on pressganging the Napolenics - it is exactly what I will be doing with these. There was so much change in the uniforms say of the Prussian reserve regiments betweeknn 1813 and 1815 (which is what I originally bought them for). I am simply picking those that I have the figure sculpts for and trying very hard to get some variety in uniform colours.