Friday, September 3, 2021

A little progress on the 1813 Project

 I have been making slow progress on the 1813 project using my Adler miniatures.  

When I say I have 'completed' these - that is up to the stage of flocking the bases.  I've tried various basing styles none of which I have been overly happy with in the past.  I am awaiting some new supplies to try a new option or two and once decided I'll have hundreds of bases to catch up on.  

Over the past four or so months I've finished painting my Saxons except commanders and the guns.  They have come out as:

  • Liebgrenadiergarde - 2 battalions
  • Converged Grenadiers - 4 battalions
  • Line Infantry - 16 battalions
  • Light Infantry - 4 battalions
  • Garde du Corps
  • Von Zastrow Cuirassiers
  • Liebcuirassiergarde
  • Prinz Klemens Uhlans
  • Von Polenz CheveauxLeger
  • Hussars
  • Horse teams

And for the French I've done 17 battalions of the Marine Artillery that were converted to Line regiments.




  1. That's a sizeable force- look forward to seeing it on the table.

    1. It is but a fraction of what I have set myself. The 1813 page at the top will record the progress I am making.

  2. Very nice mate, good to see some progress!


    1. Thanks mate. I'm getting some momentum up. Six regiments of Lancers and the Wurzburgers done over the past 2 weeks. Will get them up once I have worked out basing material and how to photograph best.