Monday, February 22, 2021

Zama in Mittagong

After we fought out the Renaissance game (on my prior post) on the Saturday a wonderfiul dinner was had in nearby Bowral, proceeded by a few beers and followed by some homemade Limoncello at one of the local lads houses.

We then awoke bright eyed for Sunday and a grand refight of Zama.  The Romans were John's and most of the Carthaginians were mine with a group of light foot Allies from Rex.  I do not remember the order of events and so can't put too much story into the photos.  It was however a great game - took most of  the day - and ended with mutual destruction.

The game was again played with Impetus 2.

The armies arrayed

The Numidians fought well among themselves 

A steady Carthgo line about to smashed by the Romans

The elephants beginning their middle run

Pushing on

Not many Romans in site on the left wing

But a picture doesn't always tell the full story.  While there were almost no Roman foot left on the left wing, just out of shot at the left were a few remianing Numidians (on the Roman side) who had outnumbered the Carthaginian Numidians 2 to 1 and eventually won the tussle and were free to roam and shoot javelins at what Carthaginina foot I had left.  You can however see the victorious elephants returning from their carnage through the Roman middle.  But on the right flank it was another story with the Romans well in the ascendency.

A great day and weekend's gaming.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot. It was great seeing them all out. Scary thing is for John and me we have many more that weren't on the table.


  2. Replies
    1. I really appreciate the comment - thank you. It is fun painting them but great to see them all laid out.


  3. Very impressive battle sight, Richard! Good to see you gaming and playing Impetvs.

    1. Thanks Jonathan. I am much happier playing 'full" Impetus through version 2 than the Basic.