Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Mulberry Harbour

I'm sure many of you know how it works ... you go onto a website looking for something particular and then get sidetracked and follow a few more links / threads and end up not where you intended but close to a "Checkout" button.

Well that what led to the purchase I'm showing below.  I went onto Shapeways to look for a 6mm Freya Radar for my Normandy Germans.  Then saw a reference to a Mulberry harbour component which ended up with these landing on my doorstep.

Beach ramp and bridges

Bridges and Beetles


LST Pierhead

In need of a beach and water board

Realising that it would not be too often that I would use the Harbour setup, I saw something else that I thought may have been more useful - Rhino ferries.  So click and a few of them were on their way.

Rhino tugs and barge
Small Rhino ferries

No comments on the prices if you follow this link :)


  1. Very interesting diversion it's funny my dad was a rating on LSTs,Anzio,Salerno and Normandy and then he got his commission and served on a light fleet carrier that ended up as the Argentinian flagship during the Falklands war,sounds like his ship will get sculpted on that site!
    Best Iain

  2. Iain that is a good story. The guy on Shapeways is prolific. He has also been great in comms. Some of the items had issues printing - he fixed them in a day of being notified by Shapeways. He also took one of 1/700 models and converted it to 1/300 for me - again in a day or so. They are pricey but one offs.

  3. nice mate now to build one in 20mm

  4. Nice. Prices are a bit steep though!