Saturday, April 1, 2017

New 20mm PanzerLehr figures

For a long time many who game in WWII 20mm have wanted a range of Panzer Lehr figures with their peculiar uniform.

There is a very nice range of skirmishing / fighting infantry section being produced by my friend Simon Ford and Wartime miniatures (Linked here)

But the other news around the past few months is that Adler miniatures have also started a move into 20mm WII and one of their first ranges is Panzer Lehr.   

I've got figures from both Wartime and Adler and they go very well together.  I also think they both work well with AB. I use them as variety in the units.

A link to the range is here and a few photos below.

I am not connected with either Wartime or Adler.  But I am a very happy customer of Adler's for over 20 years.



  1. Nice looking infantry and AT gun.
    Best Iain

  2. great stuff mate, yet to paint mine!

    Hercé salon de Guerre