Sunday, April 20, 2014

Looking for a bag of flock

I am on a bit of a mission to sort out what I have stored in various nooks and crannies around (and under!!) the house.

This afternoon it was the turn of the scenic supplies.  So I found the four boxes that contained materials that I have been collecting for over 20 years and decided to sort them out.

That's about half of an 8 by 5 foot table

I think that Woodland scenics may not have made any foliage product that I do not have.  There is fine turf, course turf, extra course tufy, underbrush, clump foliage etc etc etc.  Also a mere 400 odd trees (to make) for my 6mm stuff and about 200 for the 15/20/28mm scales. Plus all sorts of other wonders.  It really has been a great 2 hours sorting through it.

I threw out a little bit as well - early 80s era chipped sawdust made to look like ballast and earth blend and a few other things that had gone very sticky with the passage of the years.  Think some forms of rubber that have deteriorated as they have aged.

Next is to get a few sheets of card and spread some of each of the colours and different coarseness of foam so I have a reference to select the ones I want for different jobs.

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