Monday, January 27, 2014

The Huns on the Field

The Huns had their first outing on the weekend.  They played in an Impetus comp at Cancon - wonderful two days with a great bunch of guys.  While I have continued to attend Cancon each year, this is the first competition I have been in there in over 25 years - the last was microarmour.

Anyway, only got one photo as I was so engrossed in the games.  I know a few more were taken by various people and if they ever appear I will purloin them (with appropriate attribution of course). 

I need to do a little bit of repairing with the glue - one lance and one rider were casualties. Once done, I will get them all out and take a shot or two.


  1. They look good Richard, looking forward to seeing more pics.

    1. Thanks. More photos should be up by end of the day.