Friday, April 26, 2013

Huns - the beginning

OK, finished off my US armour this evening (pictures to come tomorrow), cleaned the desk down for space and pulled out the recently purchased Huns with some of their Germanic helpers. 

These are a mixture of Foundry bought on their last special and Musketeer Miniatures for the Germans. 

Bases were ordered from Litko some two weeks ago - but they are still showing on their site as 'In production"

They are going to be painted and based for Impetus using their beta lists from the website. 

This is all quite foreign to me as it will be my first Ancients army - but I am loving playing Impetus so wanted to get one.

I am going to attempt quite an aggresive schedule for these - but I am not putting it into writing publicly lest I fall short and have to take stick for not getting it done.


  1. sweet!

    My Romans look forward to meeting them on the field!


    1. Matt - hope the Romans have nice winter quarters given how long it is likely to take me to paint them..

  2. Superb !
    I just put in another Litko that's about $400 of stuff outstanding and " in production " with them now, so it's YOU who's holding my stuff up ;-)

    1. We are all in trouble if it is my order that is holding things up - me thinks they may be too successful. I do wait however for a decent sized order given the postage costs.