Sunday, September 23, 2012

Room's first outing

First game in the new room this morning.  My son wanted to play a game of Rapid Fire so we got a few units out and had a Commando attacking a village held by two companies from 21 Panzer with support.

He was most interested in getting the buildings on the table.  It made it very obvious how much more terrain we need (maybe not buildings - although there are a few boxes left of unpainted resin ones).  Need lots of trees, hedgerows, roads etc.


  1. Very cool gaming room, this is something I really lack.

  2. What a great gaming table! *Jealous*

  3. Wow that is incredible, you must have an amazing wife.

    1. Yep she is pretty good. But this was an unused concrete slabbed room reclaimed from the earth when we renovated 8 years ago. Was being used for storage of junk we probably should not hold onto. She might suggest it is now being used for the storage of junk of a different kind :)