Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Part of a lead mountain

The process of sorting out miniatures and terrain stored all over the house continues so it can be boxed and placed in the cupboards under the table.

So, this is what my lead mountain looks like (or to be completely truthful I haven't yet pulled out all the projects from their various hiding places).

It is like a week long shopping trip - similar to Historicon visits.  I am discovering things that I had forgotten I had or had lost among the various boxes.  Given the size of the mountain, I think it may be the last shopping trip I enjoy for a while.


  1. LOL, the same for me at the moment as I look after the kids this week during the school holidays!!!


  2. Just been going over the posts I had missed Richard, the room looks great you and the boy have really done the business. Tried to get a couple of those sweet cabinets however they must be popular up here as they only had the black in stock, yuck..

    We should get our collections together and have a lead mountain weigh off!

    Well done that man.