Sunday, September 18, 2011

March of the Airborne Recce Sqdn

Very tired so just a few selected snippets of the game we spent the weekend playing - a large Market Garden game on fantastic terrain with great company.  There are more pitcure to come over the following days.

Thought I would focus first on my beloved 1st Airborne Reconnaisance Squadron.

Forming up on the LZ

Moving out through Wolfheze

On their way to an appointment

Appointment kept - but the Germans only got one man - no jeeps

Approaching the northern suburbs of Arnhem

Cautious advance

Which way now?

Proof we did get to the bridge - and they did some damage too!


  1. ah Rich..but does it make up for them wobblies? I posted this link to the WD3 site, don't know if you belong there...

  2. Nice photos mate! Lets see the Tiffy(: