Monday, July 11, 2011

Airborne motor pool

Finished off approx 40 jeep crew this weekend and "dusted" the remaining jeeps which allowed me to come very close to finishing off all these vehicles.  I do have a two or three more to go.  That will be all then - unless I add another Parachute Brigade to the unit which will mean more artillery and a/tank etc.

A few of these have been seen before - but most not - and never together like this.

1st Airlanding Brigade - Brigade HQ

Airlanding Battalion 6pdr guns and tows

1st Airlanding Anti-tank Battery - 6pdr troop
9th Field Coy RE


  1. Great painting mate!
    The German forces will suffer in the Dutchland!!!

  2. Great painting and a very nice green on the vehicles... what did you use?

  3. DHC - it is a 50:50 mix of Humbrol Emanels 155 and 150 as a base coat.

  4. I've only just come across your blog today - what a fantastic collection of jeeps with some excellent painting! I will read on...