Current work plans

ECW (28mm)

Want to get two more pike / muskets units painted as well as make a start on the wonderful resin buildings that are sitting in a box in the basement - so aim for 3 of those painted.

Napoleonics (6mm Adler)

Paint a Russian Division and possibly an Austrian one if I have time. Also get some of the terrain painted for this.

WWII microamour

A few projects here:
- fill out and finish Guards Armoured Division
- fill out and finish 3rd Infantry Division
- organise and complete various German units for Europe
- finish the Soviets
- finish painting and basing the infantry, cavalry and support weapons to go with them
- make a start on terrain

ACW (15mm)

Break the back of the project. Will do this by painting and basing units for 2 scenarios from the wonderful Enduring Valour books on Gettysburg - The Wheatfield and Pickett's Charge. This will also require dozens of feet of fencing of various types to be made.

WWII (20mm)

My main focus. Firstly resist the temptation to buy any Russian stuff.

Having achieved that I will focus on finishing the US forces (approx 40 vehicles and 2 battalions of infantry plus supports). Then move onto a German Recce Battalion. If I get those done then a FJ battalion with supports.

And a late addition - a Hunnic army with support in 28mm for Impetus.