Sunday, May 31, 2020

A gathering and a game

There has been some easing of restrictions in NSW. So a few of us got together this weekend for a meal and game.   Four of us met on Saturday for a few drinks, very nice dinner and humorous game of Impetus 2 after dinner (and drinks).

Next day a few others joined for a few more games.  After playing Basic Impetus for a number of years we were very keen for a return to the full rules with Impetus 2.  So more as a learning experience we put quite a bit out on the table .....

The table with Carthaginians and their Gaul allies on the right facing off against six Roman Legions

We gathered at a friend’s house in the Southern Highlands of NSW - an absolutely beautiful area at any time - but especially in Autumn.  A view out from the back of his house.  


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Phil. Is a lovely place but the fun is mainly in the company.


  2. Splendid chaps, thoughts about advanced Impetus 2, only played 4 games myself and quite happy.


  3. They WILL be very good - once we have retranslated them and made sense of some of the rule qualifications / exceptions that are not at all clear.

    Large units which become fragmented are a great development as is the introduction of the Baroque reaction system.

    Definitely not for competition games is our collective view.