Sunday, December 2, 2018

Borodino Big Game

Last weekend a group of us met at John's house to re-fight Borodino.  John had painted the entire Russian Army and also made the purpose built terrain for the game.

The figures are 15mm - many brands but certainly many many Minifigs - including some strip Minifigs.  Rules used were Age of Eagles.

An overview of the table.  Russians on left, French on right

My command - lots of cavalry including the Russian Guard cavalry

The lay of the land prior to the first shots

The Russian cavalry advance

An infantry fight in the centre

The redoubt is lost - hardly surprising when you see what was coming onto them

Russian cavalry starting to get going

The Russians aligning in anticipation of a French infantry assault

Any general will tell you that logistics are the key to success - a restock of the troops overnight.
Russian supplies on the left and French on the right

Hard pounding

Broken through the French Cavalry and getting ready for the second line

Lots of Russians pushing forward on their right flank and the French were in some trouble (at this time)

This is the status late on Sunday.  The Russian left flank (top of picture) has been pushed back uncovering a Grand Battery.  The Russian middle is just holding but is quite brittle and on the Russian right flank (bottom of photo we have pushed the French back and were getting quite excited by the chance of getting into the French left flank, then into their rear  ..... until the sound of drums, Vive L'Emporer and bearskins became visible on the horizon (middle right in column coming on)

Status late on Sunday
The Russian Grand Battery and the Russian line forming again after having fallen back.
Grand Battery after having cleaned out a few Poles

Russian spies report bearskins on the march
It took quite a while for the French Guard to get going, but when they did they were rushed to their left flank against my advancing Russian cavalry.  If they weren't needed there - or after having dealt enough damage to the Russian cavalry, they could have turned right and punched through the Russian centre.
The Guard advances


  1. Fantastic looking game! Good to see you active on your blog.

    1. Thanks Jonathan. It has bee a very poor showing on the blog over the past two years. Maybe more to come?

  2. It is a grand looking game, how do age of eagles handle the large commands?


    1. Matt the rules worked fine - with the limitations that AoE have. The big command were not a problem - but we could have perhaps had another Russian commander. The challenge really comes about though with the need to get more than one command involved in combat actions. So even if we had another commander we would still have to interrupt all the time as the combat spread around.


  3. Great looking game! Lots of fantastic looking figures!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain. John R did a wonderful job on the terrain and figures. It was a real pleasure to play on.