Sunday, December 31, 2017

Basic Impetus Samurai bash

As we were unable to get accommodation in Goulburn for the November weekend of gaming, Richard, Ralph and I got together for the day at Richard's place and had a great game of Basic Impetus using their 15mm Samurai collections.

Ralph had taken delivery of a large number of new shiny lead castings which he very quickly turned into wonderfully painted figures and units and he was keen to get them onto the table. 

Ralph's figures on the left and Richard's on the right

My opposition

My guys on the left of the army

A close up of Ralph's baggage element

The baggage in Impetus allows wonderful little dioramas


  1. Two beautiful armies, Richard! I have been putting in a little work on my 15mm Samurai project too.

    1. Thanks Jonathan - wish I could claim the credit (or ownership) of these ones! Look forward to seeing more of your's on the blog no doubt.

  2. Replies
    1. Christopher we had a very good time - suitably interrupted by a very nice BBQ by the pool.

  3. Fabulous looking game and figures! I've never played Impetvs, but your game looks just right.

    1. Dean they are a great set of rules. The 'full' Impetus are my favourite - but the Basic Impetus are a good introduction and allow people to try them out for a smaller outlay in figures. Baroque then is a derivation of them into the period up to end of 17th Century and gives wonderful pike and shot games.


  4. More lovely 15mm work, the baggage diorama is particularly fine, it would be nice to see how your 28mm Italian wars collection is going?
    Best Iain