Saturday, February 4, 2017

A return

Well it has clearly been far too long since the last post and far too few posts over the past year for anyone to take this blog seriously.  It has taken me a while to decide whether I would continue with the blog going forward - but I have decided to continue to do so.  If for no other reason than it gives me a record of what I have been painting so I can review it periodically.

So it is probably worth starting off the new year with a review of what I got up to gaming wise last year.  Activity at the Goulburn club unfortunately dropped off during the year for a few reasons - but there is a renewed hope that it will kick off again in the new year. 

Gaming has primarily consisted of periodic ones with Ralph, Richard and few others as well as playing in a few Impetus competitions during the year with a pretty good bunch of mates.

The games with Richard, Ralph and others have mainly involved Impetus. 

There was also the memorable Stalingrad game over a whole day at Ralph's which I showed here.  We also played a few games of Napoleonic Naval with wonderful looking 1/1200th Langton naval ships.  The miniatures were mainly from Yaki and Richard and we gave the Kiss me Hardy rules a run. 

We also had a few games of Baroque - one of which I posted about back in March.  These rules are great fun, have a few concepts that we hope will find their way back into Impetus and give a good game in a few hours.  I intend to paint my 28mm ECW armies for Baroque and have recently acquired some of the superb 15mm Totentanz 30 Years War figures that I will again use for Baroque.

On the Impetus comp front, I played again at Cancon in January, Wintercon in July and MOAB in October.  These are all great weekends spent in the main with a great group of friends - good food, wine / gin, lots of lies being told and a few games along the way.  As you may have seen from the blog, my focus was on getting a Carthaginian army painted up and I played with this in all three comps.  They did well in all three.

On the painting from most of the time was spend doing the Carthaginians and then adding to them as the year went on.  But more on painting in the next post.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jonathan. Your blog has continued to inspire and tease me even though I've not been posting.


  2. Richard,

    At times I wonder the worth of Blogging but I just use it as a diary of hobby events.
    AMG Forum is more important and thankful you are a member.

    1. thanks so much John. The forum has absolutely become my first place to visit each time I log on - the work you and others do, ten ideas and inspiration and the chance to converse (albeit electronically) with some of ten great names of the hobby are so valuable.


  3. Hello Richard, nice to see you back at it :)