Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Plans for 2016

As my last post will attest, I have many interests and in many scales and I have a constant dilemma on what to paint next and where to concentrate. 

In response to the occasional 'painters block' post on forums, people say paint what takes your fancy - but to me that means indecision and concerns that projects will never be finished.  On the other hand, I admire and am inspired by the work of James on his Olincanalad blog and how he is able to focus on a project for a period and then get it done.

While I do have many interests, I think the bedrock that I will come back to time and time again is the 6mm Adler Napoleonics.  I love the heroic endeavour that goes with Napoleonics and the Adlers allow me to field large formations but still identify specific units. 

Following this, the three other key periods that most interest me are:
  • 20mm WWII - primarily the ETO but I the last two years have seen a gradual slide into the Eastern Front as well. 
  • 28mm Renaissance - the colour and pageantry with large pike blocks, numerous flags, the punch of heavy cavalry and effectiveness of light cavalary.
  • 28mm Seven Years War - following the acquisition of John Ray's wonderful "A Military Gentlemen" book, I have become enthralled by the period.  John's forum has given me more enjoyment and inspiration than just about anything (Olincanalad's Renaissance aside) over the past five years in the hobby.  it has absolutely become my first stop when it comes to forums.  As I am just starting out here this will be a many year long project.
Which brings me to a decision on what to work on in the coming year. 

To resurrect a quote from a gaming mate a few years ago "Aim for the stars, because if you aim for the streetlight, you may just shoot yourself in the foot!”

6mm Napoleonics
Finish the French and British (and Allies) so I can play Quatre Bras with terrain.  Along the way keep going on my Prussians.

28mm Renaissance
A heavy focus - but not by just doing one faction.  I will cycle through the armies and troop types with an intention of having this finished in two years.

28mm Seven Years War
As noted above a slow burn - I will continue work on my Eureka Saxons - two of seven units are done.

20mm WWII
While I may paint some vehicles and troops, I have decided to focus on terrain so that I can get more games on my table and not have to rely going to the club for games.  Besides, an atmospheric table is a strong motivator for me to paint more figures to get on the table.

Last in the list and perhaps the greatest threat to plans will come with the likely release of Baroque in the first half of the year.  An easy and sensible response would be to paint a Covenantor army from the ECW to use.  A slightly more threatening development would be to get drawn into the Anglo-Dutch armies of the late 17th century for which I have no figures at the moment.

I haven't mentioned ancients yet - but I have figures for a few more Impetus armies.  My aim will be to get one Impetus army a year done.

Reflecting on the review of 2015, It is hard not to notice the amazing throughput in 2010 and 2011.  Both years I had participated in the year long group builds on the Guild forum.  These were builds where you lay out what you are going to paint over the year with various targets for four or five tasks.  I have not participated over the last two years as I found it very frustrating to feel compelled to paint something that I had set out earlier in the year when my tastes has changed.  But there is no denying the impact on production.  Perhaps if I align the targets to the goals it may be time to participate again.


  1. Sound looking plan for 2016, Richard. Of your projects, I will be following the progression of your ECW and Italian Wars with great interest.

    I used BI Baroque in an ECW game and it produced very good results. I am on the pre-order list for Baroque as well.

    1. Let's see how these plans survive first contact ... with something shiny.

      We have really enjoyed the playtests of full Baroque - can't wait till it arrives.

  2. Interesting list mate, as for my advice I for one will be "shooting for the stars", much to think and plan today while at work I think....

    1. In retrospect the year following my last set of plans (2013) when I last used your quote was the worst year of output - auspicious start eh?

    2. Perhaps but the best laid plans are better than none at all!

  3. Richard,
    The AMG Forum is much richer by having you as a member.

    1. Thank you John. Buying the book was one of the best purchases I have made in my nearly 40 years in the hobby. The Forum is a wonderful community.