Sunday, January 18, 2015

More renaissance shot and crossbowmen

Stay tuned dear followers.  These are the first of a burst of painting that is needed for me to put a Papal Italian army on the field next weekend at Cancon.

Also needed are 28 Landscnhecht pikemen, some Doppelsoldners - maybe some command and even more maybe a new camp - although the ones I already have will do fine.

These two bases (done for Impetus) are generic Italian troops.  The shot are Foundry and the Crossbow are Old Glory.  When you consider the price of the Old Glory figures with the benefit of their Amy Card, this range is extra good.



  1. I like the variety of color in your shot and crossbow. Quite right about Old Glory; great price for an excellent range of figures.

    1. Thanks Jonathan. I have quite a few Old Glory and they are great in pike blocks etc - but I really like the TAG ones and the Foundry ones.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks mate - wait till you see the Landschnechts next week

  3. They look great, very nice colours!

  4. Great looking troops! The OG Italian Wars range is one of their best, and for price/value they really have no equal