Saturday, July 19, 2014

Venetians on the field

My new Venetian army got its first outing at Wintercon in Canberra last weekend.  In fact they bucked the trend for new units and ended up coming second.

I will put up posts over the next few days of close ups of the units.

But here are a few shots of them on the field - doing a lot of damage to a Swiss army.

Arrayed at the start of the game

Awaiting the 'off'

Doing a fair bit of damage to a Swiss pike block

Men at Arms disordered but that didn't stop them

Very brave Swiss about to meet their end


  1. NIce to see a new army doing well

  2. Wow! Outstanding! Impetvs basing really shines with pike blocks.

  3. Armies based for Impetus looks very good in 28mm, at least yours does!
    Excellent work!

    1. The large base size allows them to look good. Most that I see look great.

      Thanks for your comments.