Sunday, June 2, 2013

Progress on the Military History Library Annexe

Things have been quiet around here on the blog front and the painting (miniatures) front.  The main reason is that I have been labouring away with the DIY bug on building the bookcases for the military history annexe to our library.

You may recall from my post at the beginning of March that we had quite a bit to repair after the old builtin wardrobe was removed.  So after gyprocking, searching for a matching cornice and struggling with out of alignment and damaged wall, I can happily report that the room once again looks like a whole room.


Might not look like much to you, but when I consider this is how it looked in March when the wardrobe was removed, then I am happy.

I have also started construction of the bookcases and yesterday installed the bottom cases.  This is just the carcase - there is still a shelf, then much higher carcases to come on top and then a nicely detailed face frame.  The wood is all cut for the remaining carcases - just need to rip down to size a thick piece of MDF for the shelf. 

It has rained heavily here most of the weekend and so I have been curtailed as I need the heavy saw setup in the garden to proceed.  Next weekend is a long weekend so I have great hopes and plans - as long as the rain holds off.

Despite the workload on the construction front, I have found time to continue the search for new and old interesting books and I am glad to inform you that more have been acquired.  Don't know yet whether the bookcases when finished will be big enough.


  1. coming along nicely mate!


  2. Thanks mate. Lots of work but great fun. Got very frustrated that I couldn't get to painting desk for past 2 weeks while plastering and painting going on. But all good as of last night.

    Looking forward to this long weekend - 3 days of building - weather looks good at moment.