Sunday, May 27, 2012

Room update - plastering all done

Have just finished all of the work on the ceiling ready for painting tomorrow.  All gyprock seams covered and smoothed and the cornice installed.  Paint is sitting on the laundry cupboard waiting.

Got 4 cabinets on sale during the week at Ikea - reduced in price from $389 to $189 plus a 15% discount off that.  I first saw these on Olincanalad's blog.  They come with glass shelves but more could be installed if needed.  They also have a hole at the back of the two levels to take power for a small light to illuminate the figures inside.  They were delivered on Thursday and all eight of the boxes are lying in the lounge room which is OK as long as they are gone by next Saturday. 

So, quite a bit of work to do over the next few weeknights to get painting finished, carpet tiles down and cabinets installed.


  1. Nice cabinets, all the nicer for being less than half price. You can get good cabinet lights from Ikea (or other stores) pretty cheaply.

  2. They certainly are good looking cabinets even at full price, I will have to have a look locally

  3. good luck putting them together!


  4. their done you doubting b**stard

    great work from the younger one - first took about 1 1/1 hours - rest got down to 40 mins once we knew what we were doing